Thursday, March 06, 2008

Shea Homes

Some time ago, an abandoned business park on Evelyn at Moorpark was razed by Shea homes, to be the site for their new housing community, "Mondrian." I drive by the site almost daily on my commute home from work. I watched as the old buildings were torned down, and new utility lines were laid. A model home was put up (pictured). And then, construction stopped.

According to the Shea Homes web site, "... based on current market conditions Shea Homes has made the business decision to hold off on any development until further notice. We will be re-evaluating our position with these two communities in the summer of 2008." The other community mentioned is "Boulevard" in Santa Clara. From the satellite view in Google Maps, the latter community appears to be on the east side of Scott Blvd., just north of El Camino.