Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Wow, a Rivendell!"

"Wow, a Rivendell!" The stranger knew his bikes, since my Quickbeam doesn't actually say "Rivendell" except in very tiny lettering beneath the model name on the downtube. "That's beautiful," he said. Indeed it is, but just moments before I was thinking to myself that I should clean it at least sufficiently so that I wasn't afraid to touch the wheels...

Yeah, I ride a gawkable bike, for a tiny fraction of the population.

"Are those Phil hubs?" (no, the stock Suzue)
"Is that a Tubus rack?" (yeah, the Luna)
"Have you tried one of the nicer freewheels, like the White Industry ones?" (yeah, that's a WI ENO)
"What are those tabs on the fork? Is that for a generator?" (they're for a mini front rack designed by Rivendell)